June 25, 2024
[FIXED] – Fatal Error : Uncaught ReflectionException: Method get_site_editor_type does not exist

Are you facing the “Elementor Not Loading” issue on your WordPress website? So, don’t worry we have a list of some useful solutions that will hopefully fix your problem.

How to Fix Elementor Not Loading Error

There are two issues that are commonly faced by Elementor users on their website. One is the “Elementor not loading” issue and the second one is the “Elementor Widget Panel is not loading” issue.

These issues are generally caused by the plugin’s code conflict. Sometimes the plugin is not compatible with the Elementor and WordPress code standards.

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[FIXED] – Fatal Error : Uncaught ReflectionException: Method get_site_editor_type does not exist
Elementor Not Loading Error
Elememtor Widget Panel not loading

1. Check Plugin Conflicts

Sometimes the Elementor not loading issue is due to the plugin conflicts. First, deactivate all the plugins on your website except Elementor and Elementor Pro if installed.

Now, you can edit the page with Elementor editor and check if it is loading correctly. If it loads correctly then it is possibly a plugin conflict issue.

Activate plugins one by one and check the page if it is loading correctly. If you found that Elementor is not working after activating a specific plugin then there must be an issue in this plugin. You can check if that plugin is updated. If the plugin is not updated then update it or deactivate the plugin and wait for the next update.

2. Check PHP Version

If the web server is running on an outdated PHP version then it may result the Elementor not loading issue. Try to upgrade the PHP version by simply going to cPanel. If you have no access to the cPanel then you may contact your hosting provider.

3- PHP Memory Limit

PHP Memory limit also plays an important role. Sometimes when the memory limit of PHP is less, then it causes the Elementor not loading issue. You can fix the PHP Memory Limit issue by adding the below code in your wp-config.php

define( 'WP_MEMORY_LIMIT', '512M' );

4- Check .htaccess File

Sometimes, a corrupt .htaccess file will cause the Elementor not loading issue. If you want to check that it is due to the .htaccess file then backup the current .htaccess file and upload a fresh .htaccess file from WordPress installation.

Permalinks can also cause the Elementor not loading issue. You can go the Settings -> Permalinks and change the permalinks to the default one.

6- Increase Apache Service Limit

Apache servers have some resource limitations. If the server reaches its resource limits, you can add the following code to the .htaccess file to increase the limit of the server resources.

<IfModule mod_substitute.c>
SubstituteMaxLineLength 30m
LimitRequestBody 9999999

7- Enable Editor Loading Method

Elementor Provides the Editor Loading Method to troubleshoot the server configuration conflict.

You can go the Settings – > Advance and then select the Enable option and then save. See attached screenshot.

Elementor Not Loading Error
Enable Editor Loading Method

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